DIY Wine Glasses – Gold Dot Kate Spade Knock Off

diy wine glasses

Ah, wine glasses! If you like to drink wine, like I do, you probably appreciate the appearance and feel of good glassware. Even if you’re not a drinker, I can bet you won’t deny that it’s way more fun to have whatever beverage you’re drinking (alcoholic or not) in a nice, fun glass.

Lately, I’ve been seeing the gold trend popping up more and more. And not just for New Years Eve, but year round. There’s something about adding gold to anything that just makes it more fun and flirty. And by that, I mean adding gold the RIGHT way – as to not make things too gaudy or old lady looking.

My DIY Wine Glasses Inspiration

The Kate Spade brand has done a terrific job of honing in on this gold trend and making it fun and flirty. For example, they have an ENTIRE gold dot line that has been flying off the shelves since it’s inception. Gold dotted planners, wallets, handbags… you name it, they slapped gold dots on it and called it fashion. And people – including me – EAT IT UP!

The item in that Kate Spade collection that REALLY caught my eye, though, was her glassware. Gold dotted glasses and the accessories to go with them:

kate spade gold dot glasses   kate spade gold dot shaker kate spade gold dot champagne holder kate spade gold dot drinkware

Where to Buy:

Kate Spade Gold Dot Highball Glasses
Kate Spade Gold Dot Ice Bucket
Kate Spade Gold Dot Pitcher
Kate Spade Gold Dot Wine Tote
Kate Spade Gold Dot Confetti Napkins
Kate Spade Gold Dot Coasters
Kate Spade Gold Dot Vase

I mean- am I right? Chic, yet oh so fun! I was in LOVE the minute I saw them! Just… not in love with the price tag. At $30 for a set of 2 glasses, that was a little rich for my blood.

Plus, I REALLY loved the confetti look (just like in Kate Spade’s napkins, coasters, and wine tote). So I thought, if I can DIY I can make my own glasses for MUCH cheaper AND with the gold confetti look I was obsessed with. Ok, my next project was underway…

As I pulled together my resources, I realized this project wasn’t going to be terrible. I only needed a few supplies, and as long as I had some sort of aesthetic vision, I should be able to make these adorable glasses no problem!

So that’s exactly what I did. In 1 afternoon I sat down, music blaring, and cranked out 8 of these beauties for less than $25. YAHOO!! Below, I give you everything you need to make these adorable DIY wine glasses yourself.

I must give you a heads up, the “confetti” look takes a lot longer than the original “Kate Spade Dot” look. So if time is of the essence (or you just like that look better), go with the larger, more spread out dots. I show you how to make both versions in my tutorial below…

The Necessary Supplies:

Extra Supplies to Make All Kate Spade Items Pictured Above:

If you want to make all the Kate Spade glassware (not just the wine glasses), you’ll need to start with the gold vinyl and cutting machine listed above (or pre-cut dots if you don’t have or want a cutting machine) and then follow the steps below using one or more the following:

Step 1:

DIY wine glasses DIY wine glasses 1

  • Start by going into your Silhouette Design Studio (or similar design program that pairs with your cutting machine).
  • Go to the left side tool bar and click on the circle tool. With that, now on your design field, make one circle that is about 1/3″ round (see dimensions on picture above).
  • Then, place the circle in the upper left hand corner of your design field, and duplicate it all the way until you have circles reaching to the very right hand side of your design field.
  • Now, copy that row of circles until it fills about 1/2 – all of your design field.
  • Finally, load your gold vinyl into your cutting machine and send your circles to your Silhouette machine to cut them out on the vinyl. The end result will look like the picture above.

Step 2:

DIY wine glasses 2 DIY wine glasses 3 DIY wine glasses 4

  • Now, take one of your glasses and start to place gold dots around the bottom of the glass.
    • One by one, remove each dots from the vinyl backing and stick them on the bottom of the glass in a space out pattern.
  • With this first step, make sure dots are placed up the side of the glass about 2″.
  • Once you have the first 2″ of random dots, continue up the side of the glass in this same pattern until on’y the top 2″ of the glass does not have any dots on it. Make sure to stay with the sporadic and spaced pattern of the gold dots. You can add more in the next step if you want.

Step 3:

DIY wine glasses 5 DIY wine glasses

  • Now is the time to make your glasses rain with GLITTER! If you like the look of spaced out dots (much like the Kate Spade glasses) then you can skip the 3rd step altogether).
  • However, if you like the look of gold confetti (like I do), then start filling in blank spaces with more gold dots.
    • It is NECESSARY when you are filling in spaces that you start at the BOTTOM of the glass and work your way up.
  • When adding additional gold dots, go heavy on the bottom spaces and gradually less and less as you move up the side of the wine glass. This will give the illusion of falling gold confetti on the sides of your glasses.

And that’s it! An easy 3 step process… because those 3 steps can take FOREVER when you’re pressing on each dot – one by one- by hand. Then, when you multiply it by however many glasses you’re doing… just be prepared.

Altogether, DIYing 8 wine glasses with gold dot embellishments took me 6 hours. Maybe a little longer than it should have because I set my silhouette to the wrong setting and it cut too deep.

If this happens to you, you can’t just peel each vinyl dot off the backing. Each dot punches completely out of the vinyl – with the backing still attached. I had to take a needle and carefully remove the tiny backing from each tiny gold dot. SO TEDIOUS! If only I had just adjusted my ratchet blade to a lower setting. You’ve been warned.

However, although tedious for me, they turned out SO ADORABLE!

DIY wine glasses 6   DIY wine glasses 7

Don’t they just add something fun to my bar setup?? Yea, I thought so too 🙂 I’ll be blogging about this party later next week. So if you want details on all the gold party decor, don’t fret! They’re on their way. Just check back next week.

Also, another FYI for the DIY glasses… these are totally NOT dishwasher safe. If you want to make sure to preserve your hard work and keep these glasses for parties to come, please hand wash them after you’re done using them.

Because of their wide mouths, they’re actually really easy to clean by hand. Feel free to even use the hottest of hot water. Just no dishwasher, or you run the risk of the vinyl falling right off and into the abyss of dishwasher heaven.

So what do you think? Feeling like adding them to your next party? If you’re up for a fun crafting evening that’ll turn into the talk of your next party, here’s a recap of everything you’ll need to DIY:


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