How I Make Money on Etsy – April 2016 Revenue Report

April marked the first “normal” month for Kaitlin in a while. March was crazy after a huge Facebook fan page shared her Etsy shop, February’s numbers were a bit skewed due to a lot of custom work for a friend’s wedding, and January we were on vacation for a big chunk of the month. So… [Continue Reading]

Selling On Etsy: How I Made $4,516 This Month!

February was the first month in a while that Kaitlin was back selling on Etsy in full force. And wow, does it show in the numbers! No records were set this month in terms of traffic or revenue, but she came very close. I was actually surprised at how busy Kaitlin had been in February… [Continue Reading]

Can You Make Money Blogging? November 2015 Revenue Report

Well now that it’s just about January, I suppose it’s time for Miss Bizi Bee’s November revenue report. Kaitlin was a bit lax with my deadline this month, and like any warm blooded human I gladly procrastinated until the eleventh hour. We saw a bit of a downswing this month as the hectic Halloween season… [Continue Reading]

Can You Make Money Blogging? October 2015 Revenue Report

I won’t lie, I’ve been giddy to write this revenue report even as I was writing last month’s revenue report. Since I’m normally writing these reports after the first week of the month, Kaitlin and I generally have a good gauge of how the new month is going. And let me tell you, October started… [Continue Reading]

Can You Make Money Blogging? September 2015 Revenue Report

Hey everyone, it’s time for my monthly visit to the Miss Bizi Bee blog to drop some sweet, sweet revenue and metrics knowledge. September was a bittersweet month. Kaitlin set revenue records for both Etsy and Amazon, but she all set another record… spending! I’ll get into why she spent so much in the details… [Continue Reading]