How I Make Money on Etsy: May 2016 Edition

Records, records, and more records. If I were to sum up May for Miss Bizi Bee, that’s how I’d do it. Nothing crazy happened in May, it was just consistent orders coming in via Etsy, solid performance from digital revenue channels, and the benefits and traction that come along with consistent hard work. It was… [Continue Reading]

How I Make Money on Etsy – April 2016 Revenue Report

April marked the first “normal” month for Kaitlin in a while. March was crazy after a huge Facebook fan page shared her Etsy shop, February’s numbers were a bit skewed due to a lot of custom work for a friend’s wedding, and January we were on vacation for a big chunk of the month. So… [Continue Reading]

Miss Bizi Bee Traffic and Revenue Report: January, 2016

Last month I mentioned that Kaitlin and I would be taking off to Thailand for two weeks in January so she’d have only a half month of potential Etsy revenue. The trip was amazing and I think we both needed some time away to recharge. But by the end, we were ready to get back… [Continue Reading]

Miss Bizi Bee – August 2015 Blog Revenue & Traffic Report

I’m back for another month of charts, data, and delight. Yep, Mr. Bizi Bee himself! Last month I closed with this thought: “August is feeling like it’s off to a quieter start than July. There could be some seasonality at play in the next month or two. The truth is, we have no idea. Part… [Continue Reading]