Using Vinyl for Fun DIY Bachelorette Party Favors

Well, well, well. It’s getting to be that time of year again…. wedding season! And we all know what comes with wedding season: bridesmaid dresses, bridal fairs, and the all important BACHELORETTE PARTIES! That’s right, bachelorette parties are arguably the most fun and enjoyable part of wedding season. There’s no need to wear a dress… [Continue Reading]

Unique DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping paper, I have no idea why it’s such a big business. I mean, it’s sole purpose is to cover a gift so the recipient can’t see what’s inside. It’s meant to be ripped, torn, and then tossed aside as you get to the real prize – what’s INSIDE! However, we seem to have this… [Continue Reading]

Customized Eye Chart Maker – Great for Personalized Gifts and Home Decor

When I’m going to a wedding or a baby shower, I almost always go off the person’s registry. It’s quick, easy, and you KNOW they want the gift you’re giving them. But through the years, I have talked to SO many people that despise the idea of a registry. They find it impersonal, and they… [Continue Reading]

DIY Sandals – How to Get the Expensive Look for Less

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A DIY fashion post, you say? One might argue I’m not the ideal person to be giving you fashion advice – since my husband often tells me what to wear and how to wear it. I fully admit it, he is most often the more fashion forward one… [Continue Reading]

Easy Big Bow Tote Bag – Preppy and Personalized

I’ve always been a big fan of tote bags. I don’t know why, or where the obsession came from, but over the years I’ve accumulated more than I’ll ever need. I think it may be that urge that this one is “too cute, I can’t pass it up”. Or, when you get a free gift… [Continue Reading]