DIY Sandals – How to Get the Expensive Look for Less

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A DIY fashion post, you say? One might argue I’m not the ideal person to be giving you fashion advice – since my husband often tells me what to wear and how to wear it. I fully admit it, he is most often the more fashion forward one… [Continue Reading]

Adorable DIY Mr and Mrs Shirts for Your Honeymoon

If you’re getting married in the near future, you are in the right spot! Most people spend all their time leading up to their wedding stressing over the wedding details. Their dress, their hair, the venue, the food, etc. I know I did. As you can tell from my DIY wedding post, and all the… [Continue Reading]

How to Make Bow Ties for Both Baby and Dad

Continuing on the baby train… next stop, baby boys! I know most people when they think of dressing a baby or a toddler up immediately think of baby girls. The bows, the ruffles, etc…swoon! And if you have a baby girl, one of the first questions you probably get is, “OMG, are you just loving… [Continue Reading]

DIY Flower Crowns : Getting that Romantic Boho Look Yourself

Someone once told me that style seems to circle around every 20 years or so, and reinvent itself from a past decade. Recently, I’ve been seeing the 1994 overall trend sneaking its way back into the mainstream. And although that’s not a trend I particularly ever want to see (or participate in) again, the flower… [Continue Reading]

DIY Wedding: I’ll Teach You How to Pull it Off

Let’s face it, a wedding can feel like just as much of a curse as it is a joy. Deciding on a date, finding a venue, choosing everything from flowers to lighting, and trying to please your parents (not to mention a million other things) all while attempting to not break the bank is an… [Continue Reading]