Using Vinyl for Fun DIY Bachelorette Party Favors

Well, well, well. It’s getting to be that time of year again…. wedding season! And we all know what comes with wedding season: bridesmaid dresses, bridal fairs, and the all important BACHELORETTE PARTIES! That’s right, bachelorette parties are arguably the most fun and enjoyable part of wedding season. There’s no need to wear a dress… [Continue Reading]

DIY Party Decorations – Invitations and Table Runners

A couple weeks ago I showed you pictures from the party I threw for my mom’s 60th birthday. It was such a hit, and with so many DIY touches, it makes the golden celebration super easy to replicate! Luckily for you, I’ve already given you the tutorials on a few of the DIY items to get… [Continue Reading]

DIY Wine Glasses – Gold Dot Kate Spade Knock Off

Ah, wine glasses! If you like to drink wine, like I do, you probably appreciate the appearance and feel of good glassware. Even if you’re not a drinker, I can bet you won’t deny that it’s way more fun to have whatever beverage you’re drinking (alcoholic or not) in a nice, fun glass. Lately, I’ve been… [Continue Reading]

Unique DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping paper, I have no idea why it’s such a big business. I mean, it’s sole purpose is to cover a gift so the recipient can’t see what’s inside. It’s meant to be ripped, torn, and then tossed aside as you get to the real prize – what’s INSIDE! However, we seem to have this… [Continue Reading]

How to Make Felt Flowers & Other Home Crafts

A few months ago, I shard my take of creating 140 paper roses for my wedding place cards, by hand. They turned out beautiful, and I loved them! But one thing I wish I maybe would have thought about before creating my place card flower garden were different types of flowers. Would tissue paper flowers… [Continue Reading]