The BEST Stuffed French Toast Recipe : A Party Favorite

I usually don’t blog about food recipes because, well, I’m not a chef. I’m not a food blogger for a reason, because I don’t cook really ever. So I’ll leave that to the pros. However, when I find a dish that helps in my party planning, is great for a holiday party, and is specifically… [Continue Reading]

Spumoni Cookies: Easy and Delicious Italian Butter Cookies

In honor of St. Patrick’s day, I decided to share my fun recipe for Spumoni cookies with you guys. These green cookies are an amazing add to your St. Patty’s day party, but really, for any day! But beware, they are DANGEROUSLY good (I ate half the batch, and I’m usually pretty good about tempering… [Continue Reading]

DIY Ombre Rosette Cake

Last week I gave you a fun dessert to try: heart shaped chocolate lollipops. They’re a fun alternative to a traditional cake pop, but are MUCH less time consuming. However, they aren’t cakey…. AT ALL. When you’re throwing a party, you most likely want some sort of cake on your dessert table. I know I… [Continue Reading]

Heart Shaped Chocolate Lollipops : A Fun Twist on the Traditional Cake Pop

OH MY GOSH, you guys. Cuteness overload. I am obsessed with these heart shaped chocolate lollipops. They’re a fun take on the yummy, yet extremely overused cake pop. I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and became obsessed with cake pops about 7 years ago. However, when Starbucks started selling them (and they became a party… [Continue Reading]