DIY Beetlejuice Costumes- Lydia Deetz Costume

OK you guys. I don’t try to hide how much I LOVE Halloween. I always have. And each year I try to go all out and make original costumes that can’t be bought online. I even wrote about the history and evolution of all my DIY couples costumes a couple weeks ago. But this year,… [Continue Reading]

The Perfect Homemade Couples Costumes

Ah Halloween! I could go on for months with DIY ideas for this holiday. Last week I showed you some adorable ideas for easy homemade costumes for your kids. So it’s only natural to continue this week on the same subject – costumes! This time, for mom and dad! Well, let me rephrase that. Not just mom… [Continue Reading]

Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Ah yes! It’s fall. Well, in my book it’s fall. And if you’re anything like me, as soon as school starts back up, “fall” has officially begun. And when I think of fall, I think of falling leaves, crisp air, and my absolute FAVORITE day of the year… HALLOWEEN! That’s right, I’ve claimed this day… [Continue Reading]

DIY Britney Spears Costume #2 – The Toxic Rhinestone Nude Suit

Yes, today is the day. I am officially 30 years old! I don’t know what this means yet, except for the fact that I can no longer claim to be anywhere in my twenties. And maybe the fact that I am one step closer to officially being “middle-aged”. But mentally, nothing has changed. I still… [Continue Reading]