SHH! DIY Baby Sleeping Sign – with Glitter

So if you follow along with my blog you can probably tell two things from my posts: I have a super cute puppy and am expecting a baby in July. And one thing I do know from experience is that when you have a chaotic household full of babies and pets, sleep is your best friend!… [Continue Reading]

Funny Maternity Shirt – Make your Own Iron-On Fabric

Ok, so today I have a little twist on all the baby crafts I’ve been debuting lately. This one’s a little larger than before. That’s right, this one’s for MOM! While you’re pregnant (and for 18 to life after) mommy’s always seem to come second fiddle to your little one. Well, today, indulge in a craft for yourself!… [Continue Reading]

Baby Boy Nursery Part 3- How to Make Crib Bumpers

Ah! To say I’m excited for this post is an understatement. I am so giddy! Why you ask? Well, this was probably one of the craziest sewing projects I’ve ever taken on. And being quite the sewing novice, I was a bit overwhelmed. There was absolutely NO way I could accomplish the task of making… [Continue Reading]

How to Make a Custom Photo Mat – Baby Nursery 101

By now, if you’ve been reading my posts, you know that I’ve been feverishly working on the nursery for my little baby boy that’s due in July. If he’s not due until July, what’s the rush, you ask? Well, because if you know me, you know I think WAYY ahead of schedule. Also, because trying to… [Continue Reading]